Best Online Marketing Channels to Promote Your Brand in 2023

Best Online Marketing Channels to Promote Your Brand in 2023

In 2022, if your business does not have a strong online presence, you’re just leaving money on the table. Before the advent of more modern forms of advertising, businesses had to rely solely on print media like magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc. and hope that their intended audience would notice them. Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar stores were the only viable option for businesses. Today, almost all marketing is digital, thanks to the existence of the internet. As more and more people spend their time online, businesses can now reach a massive audience through digital marketing. That’s why shoring up your company’s digital footprint is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. This article has compiled all the essential information about the best online marketing channels out there to help you choose the most suitable one for promoting your brand.

What Is an Online Marketing Channel?

In simpler terms, online marketing channels are different tools and platforms through which you can connect to your target audience. Even though the concept of online or digital marketing channels is quite a bit more complex than this simple definition, the purpose of these channels is very straightforward. The sole purpose of digital marketing channels is to interact with your target consumers and to promote your brand for awareness. For instance, your brand is launching a new product, and to succeed in making this product popular among your target consumers, your main goal will be racing out to your relevant target audience by means of marketing. In the past, businesses only relied on telemarketing, printing ads, billboards, etc. for marketing their products. These conventional strategies still exist but the marketing arena is now dominated by digital marketing rather than traditional ones. So, you must focus on different online marketing channels and strategies to promote your product by leveraging the power of the internet. Some common digital marketing channels include SEO, social media, video marketing, etc. 

Top Marketing Channels to Promote Your Brand Online

A successful online brand awareness campaign inspires people to go for your product, builds trust, and provides tangible results. There are tons of marketing channels for you to promote your business and making the best choice will result in significant growth of your business over time. Each of these different marketing channels provides different kinds of services. Some focus on raising awareness of a brand and attracting customers, others focus on increasing engagement among existing customers to build loyalty, and many more. You need to figure out what service your brand requires and then make your decision based on your goals. 

But first, let’s have a look at the top marketing channels to promote your business in 2022! 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically a tool for optimizing search results so that your website’s ranking will be higher in order with related searches. According to a survey conducted on e-commerce in the year 2020, 81% of people look for a product or service online and 74% prefer to buy products online rather than from a physical store. SEO strategy basically plays with search engine algorithms to optimize your search results so that your website can be easily found by your target audience. For this purpose, SEO tools develop keyword-oriented and engaging content to boost organic traffic. SEO tools will also ensure a better user experience (UX) for your website. With the help of SEO, your business can reach thousands of potential customers who use search engines every day. People rarely visit the second pages of Google and that’s why your website’s visibility on the first page of search results is very crucial if you are willing to expand your business. SEO also builds trust and credibility by helping users find your business organically. Marketing trends indicate that the number of online buyers will continue to increase over time, so make sure to build a solid SEO foundation in order to increase visibility on search engines for your business’s success. Many renowned SEO services are available to help you in this regard, and it is wise to consider hiring a professional SEO service rather than trying to optimize your website on your own.

Pay Per Click

PPC or pay-per-click is a fast and effective way to promote your business. Pay-per-click is basically a paid campaign that allows you to buy online visibility using data-driven and strategic management platforms like Google ads and programmatic advertisement platforms. In simpler terms, you select keywords for which you would like your ads to appear, and then you bid on them. When a search engine user enters those keywords, your ads show up as a result of your paid campaign. However, you only have to pay for the times your ads are clicked by users. This strategy allows your products to stand out in this competitive arena as well as brings your product right in front of your target consumers. Campaign performances can be measured precisely to ensure your profit. PPC can provide immediate sales, generate quick leads and increase conversion rate. The requirement of finding competitive keywords to rank higher in search results is negated in this strategy. A recent survey of a thousand businesses revealed that almost 74% of businesses benefited immensely from PPC. Moreover, combining SEO and PPC strategies together can contribute to even faster growth of your business.

Social Media Marketing

A large number of the population in the world is actively present on social media and its popularity is growing faster than ever. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, etc. social media platforms give you the benefit to connect with potential customers on a daily basis as users are present on these platforms regularly.  This makes social media one of the most effective online marketing channels to promote your business. To draw your audiences’ attention, you can develop multimedia content as well as original social media content such as videos, reels, images, blogs, etc. You need to engage with your customers through comments, questions, and replying to their queries to make your brand more relatable. Almost every social media platform is free to promote your business but paid campaigns such as social media advertising are available as well and can be more effective in many cases. Each social media platform has different algorithms to increase organic reach. Again, social media provides built-in, strong analytics for you to track and meet your social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Social media KPIs are indicators that show how your platforms are performing. You need to do your research, implement methods to connect with your audience, and track your results to further refine your strategy in social media platforms. It is easier to hire social media marketing agencies to do the job for you as their professional input will be more valuable and you can save time to invest more in your core business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is said to have the potential to be the most dominant marketing channel to promote your brand effectively. Statistics show that average internet users spend 16 hours per week watching online videos. This increases your chance to reach a large number of potential audiences by creating video content. It is proven that consumers feel more assured about buying a product or service after watching a company’s video of their products. Videos make them understand your products properly and build trust among users. Again, video content has the ability to quickly grab audience attention and maintain that attention for a longer period of time than other forms of media. About 72% of businesses say that video marketing increases their conversion rate, generates leads, and improves ROI more effectively than other marketing channels. Video marketing also builds a stronger connection with the audience than any other medium. While developing video content, you should keep the videos short and engaging to serve shorter attention spans which creates more value on social media platforms. Short video contents serve as a great form of advertisement to help your customers learn about your products. This is the best way to get more people to know about your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and is popular to this day because of its effectiveness. Email marketing has recorded the highest return on investment (ROI) of any other marketing channel. The ROI is four times greater than social media and paid search, according to the statistics. The strategy of email marketing is quite simple. You need to collect the email addresses of potential customers and email them about your services or products. The emails can range from straightforward sale pitches to coupon-related information. Email marketing provides you with a way to connect directly with consumers and is able to yield the fastest results. For business-to-business (B2B) companies, emails are the most preferred channel for business-related communications. Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies also benefit significantly from email marketing, as 59% of consumers decide to purchase a product after viewing an email. Email marketing can be easily automated by low-cost software, making them less expensive than other marketing channels. You need to acquire the email addresses of potential customers by placing sign-up forms on your website, receiving email addresses from buyers who have purchased your product before, publishing quality content, and asking users to provide emails before viewing the contents, and many more ethical ways. By emailing your potential consumers regularly, your conversion rates and brand awareness can increase significantly. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be considered the foundation of all other promotional channels because of its influence over other marketing channels. Content marketing includes creating, publishing, and assigning content on your page to engage target customers. Developing high-end content can create value and deliver a better user experience for your potential consumers. Contents regarding your services and solutions to your target audiences’ potential problems can build credibility and increase awareness of your brand. Brand reliability will give you an authority in this competitive arena and your business will reach more audiences in no time. Content marketing generates leads thrice as many times as other marketing channels, according to a recent study. At present, businesses focus on developing quality content to promote their brand position, generate leads, and support SEO. Different types of content such as blogs, images, videos, reels, podcasts, case studies, etc. help a business to build their reputations among consumers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is currently expected to become a billion-dollar marketing channel in the upcoming years. Influencers have succeeded to assemble a large number of followers on social media platforms and they can use their following to promote brands, products, and services in exchange for an emolument. It is proven that people tend to buy a product if the product is recommended by a trusted person. Influencers can review and promote your products to their loyal and engaged followers, which will attract more audience in return. You can work directly with influencers or there are many influencer marketing agencies that you can contact. After forming partnerships with influencers, you can ask them to create content regarding your products such as images, short videos, etc. with reviews of your product to promote your brand. You can host giveaway contests through influencers for creating product popularity. Many businesses form long-term contracts with influencers and make them their brand ambassadors for the contracted time. Influencer marketing has become a super effective way to promote your brand awareness in 2022. Your business can leverage the trust of the followers of influencers to attract more customers within a short period of time.

Affiliate Marketing 

In general terms, affiliate marketing is business between web publishers and your brand. Web publishers will sell one or more of your business’s products through their digital platforms such as websites, social media profiles, etc. on the basis of a fixed commission in exchange. Unique affiliate links have to be provided to the affiliate marketers for your products so that they can link those products to their digital platforms. When a consumer clicks on the link and purchases the product, the resulting sale brings profit to each party. You receive the payment for the sale and the affiliate marketer gets his cut. The commission of the affiliate marketer will only be paid if the marketing effort results in a sale. This win-win situation has made affiliate marketing an effective and widespread marketing channel among other online marketing channels. Through affiliate marketing, you can not only promote your brand awareness but also build a foundation of trust and spread your networks which are very promising for any business’ success.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Brand Promotion

In order to promote a brand effectively, only the largest companies can afford to invest in all available marketing channels. If your company is not a household name, it will not be possible for you to promote it on every available platform. The question then becomes how to determine which marketing channel will be the best choice to promote your brand.

Here are the main things you should focus on while selecting a marketing channel:

  • Conduct research on your audience. Track your analytics data to figure out your core existing audience. 
  • The next step is to research the best channels to reach your specific audiences. Figure out which platform is popular among your targeted consumers. 
  • Search for the channels your competitors use. Always keep track of any trends that your competitors are using and make the best use of that trend for yourself.
  • Assess your budget for marketing and find out how many channels your business can afford to invest in. Investing a small portion in a single channel at first to track the results will be a wise decision.
  • Track the results of your chosen marketing channel and refine your strategy according to the analysis. 

At a Glance

The significant benefits of promoting a brand on online marketing channels are undeniably high in this era. Many online marketing channels are available for creating brand awareness such as SEO, PPC, social media, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. All these marketing channels leverage the influence of the internet to promote your business and attract potential consumers. Each channel has its own unique way to engage more audiences for the success of your business. A few tricks are there to decide which marketing channel is the most suitable one for your business. These tricks include audience research, competitor analysis, tracking the results, etc. In 2022, establishing a robust digital presence should be the top priority for any business, and these online marketing channels serve this purpose well.


What is the most effective online marketing channel for promoting my brand?

Ans. The effectiveness of an online marketing channel depends completely on what your brand offers and who your targeted audience is. You have to choose a suitable marketing channel for your brand depending on the best ways to reach your audience through these channels.

How do I measure the success of an online marketing channel in promoting my brand? 

Ans. Measuring the success of an online market channel depends on the channel itself. Each channel has unique ways to show the output of its marketing efforts. For example, you can measure the success rate of SEO by searching for your brand on Google or by quantifying organic traffic.

How can I make sure to gain maximum benefits from online marketing channels? 

Ans. For maximum benefits, you have to invest your time and money accordingly. When you track a profitable return on investment in an online marketing channel, you can always increase your profit by optimizing your investment. So, the trick is to invest more in your marketing efforts because profit can always increase by this.

Is it too complex to use an online marketing channel? 

Ans. This entirely depends on your expertise in a specific field of online marketing. If you find an online marketing channel hard to work with, you can always seek help from a renowned digital marketing agency in Bangladesh to do the job for you.