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Search Engine Optimization

Our robust SEO service can improve your website’s rank in search results that will surely lead to an increase in traffic to your website.

72% of marketing experts believe that relevancy is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

Leading the march in providing SEO service in Bangladesh, we are dedicated to ensuring a higher ranking for business websites on digital platforms, by improving search engine visibility. We achieve this, by researching keywords and key-phrases that are relevant to your products/services, and incorporating them across your website/content. Every time, customers use the selected catch words/phrases to look up products/services similar to yours, they are directed to your site. Through this process we increase the chances of long term visibility of your business website by ensuring that your website is positioned on the first page of search engines like ‘Google’, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo ‘, and others.
Organic search by the target audience, draws in relevant online traffic for your business, generating more leads and significantly increasing sales. SEO can be applied as a stand alone strategy or as a complement to other digital marketing techniques like content writing, PPC, SMM and much more.

As an experienced SEO Company in Bangladesh, we understand that the benefit to cost ratio for businesses utilizing SEO services is very high, providing a very high ROI. SEO strategy is a large part of digital marketing strategy that ensures acquiring long term online exposure for your business. Strategic SEO is also useful in terms of analyzing data about the user profile and interests to develop other relevant marketing content for the business. Implementation of SEO has proved to be a core factor in driving sales, generating leads and contributing to increased revenue for the company, giving your business a competitive edge over others.


customers start their purchase with a search engine


of online experiences begin with a search engine


of all clicks go to the first five organic results

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    We ensure a successful
    SEO strategy through :

    SEO Audit

    SEO Audit

    This technical audit enables our team to identify the issues which affect the organic search performance and helps us to prepare strategies to implement for the growth of your organization.

    Keyword Analysis

    Keyword Analysis

    Researching the appropriate search phrases and conducting thorough analysis we incorporate the words into the website maintaining a strict guideline to bring visitors to your website through organic and paid search.

    Content Optimization

    Content Optimization

    Content optimization is the orchestrated manner of preparing a statement about your business that can reach an immense target audience. Our process ensures that the associated keywords are present along with meta and title tags and incorporation of images and videos are present with the relevant links, these factors solidify your possibilities.

    Blog Writing

    Blog Writing

    Blog writing is an essential feature that compliments the SEO quality by enabling your website a portal of the credible answer to your client's queries. We incorporate a variety of On-Page SEO to the blogs which ensures opportunities to rank higher in search engines and enables an appealing feeling to the visitors.

    On-site Optimization

    On-site Optimization

    The technicality of On-Site Optimization deals with the aligning factors of optimization of elements on your website in order to achieve a higher rank and obtain relevant traffic in search engines.

    Link Building

    Link Building

    Link building is one of the crucial practices in SEO, this allows your website to acquire links from other websites which helps to drive referral traffic and increases the website’s visibility, we concern ourselves with the core and put more importance on those factors to establish authenticity to the content.

    Aim for the peak

    93% of online queries start on a search engine.

    If you’re not one of the first results, you’re losing traffic to your competition.


    of local searches bring a consumer to a real store within 24 hours


    of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location


    of mobile searches are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site

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    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Process

    Tried and true method
    to success



    Analysis is an important aspect to narrow down the key factors which are creating the gaps between your website and higher ranks, it succors to initialize personalized strategies to overcome the lackings and implement to acquire a successful SEO campaign.


    Content Strategy

    Content is the embodiment of what your website represents, it's the factor that adds value to your idea and the ability to narrate that idea in the form of top-notch content and link building is the primal action that gives your visitors the answer they have been looking for.


    Page Optimization

    Page optimization refers to the technicalities and fundamentals of adapting and implementing measures that are taken within the website to refine and enhance the search rankings. We supervise the perfected plan of action to get your website in the higher ranks of the search engine.


    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the beacon of modern-day marketing, it heightens the company’s presence in the targeted community and the social media marketing campaign enables the visibility of the website and influence on search engine rankings.

    Search Engine Optimization faq

    Have a questions? We have the answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We distinguish ourselves as an agency who are always available to provide support to our valuable audience.

    Do I really need SEO service in Bangladesh?

    Yes, of course! SEO plays an important role to drive organic traffic from search engines to your website not only from Bangladesh from all over the world.

    Do you offer different SEO packages?

    Yes, we have different SEO packages. Besides, we offer custom plans according to your requirements.

    How long does it take to see the result?

    It depends on many factors, however, it may take 3 to 4 months to get a visible result.

    How often do you send the reports?

    We send analytics and activity reports based on the terms of the packages that our client chooses.

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    have a look at theirs