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8 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Online

50% of marketers consider lead generation a top priority in their marketing campaigns

 – Market Splash


Despite the fact that marketers emphasize the importance of producing leads from their advertising efforts, it has been observed that getting leads is the number primary challenge for 61% of marketers.


As the most crucial component of your sales process is lead generation and the sales lead executes the tasks needed to to generate leads and convert them to sales. Since leads are prospective clients for the company.


You must learn how to effectively generate business leads if you want your company to grow rapidly and continuously turn a profit.

Attractive Content Brings in Potential Leads

Total spend on social media advertising is projected to reach $268 billion in 2023.

 – Sprout Social


Social media marketing is at the forefront of every business’ digital marketing strategies. It is what makes noise and interests your audiences in your products or services. Everyone is doing it, but what are you doing to make yours different from others?

Creating unique and appealing content that communicates in a way that your audience understands and is willing to place their trust in you is the ultimate solution for standing out from the competition and gaining more prospective leads.

rancon developments social media marketing campaign post

We strategized and generated the content as Rancon Developments’ marketing partner, for use in a social media marketing post. We posted it with the objective of running it as a lead generation ad on Facebook and Instagram.


The content here effectively shows the numerous benefits of the commercial project, as well highlighting its location and contact information. All of this information, while being so clean and straightforward – let’s you think that simplicity is the key!

Easy to Understand Sales Copy

Sales Copy needs to be catchy, it gives a competitive edge, and most importantly it tells a story.


You may be wondering how to generate sales copies! It all comes down to understanding your target audience, what connects with them, and then taking that one familiar setting and writing a copy that will leave an impact. Make it short and make it impactful – it will undoubtedly result in your ROI.

IZ cafe social media marketing campaign post

“Mirpur!!! We Are Here with the Best Coffee for You!”, as simple as it may sound, it’s the effectiveness of a sales copy that counts.


The idea of the creative post shows the map’s layout beautifully pinpointing the location of the cafe, IZ Pâtisserie and Café and informs the audience that there’s a new cafe opening at Mirpur. Being restaurants and cafes a trendy choice of many to hangout with friends and family, this post anticipates it all.

Running Targeted Ads Gets Results

Setting up the audience (who will view the ad) is an important component in digital marketing. Here, we must understand our target clients and their online platform behaviors in order to establish an audience that is appropriate. 


According to research, more than 80% of internet users are more inclined to click on an ad that is tailored to their unique interests.


Meta says, you need to define your target market in order to build a deeper connection. Let’s look at what should we do – 


In-Depth Learning of the Current Customer-Base

Consider your present customers, such as your Facebook Page and Instagram followers, who already appreciate your brand. You can learn about your audience from the Facebook Page Insights.


Ask yourself – 


  • Whether you’re trying to sell to a particular demographic?
  • Did your services value your consumers?
  • What are the audience interested in?
  • Which ad has resonated with your audience the most?


And if you’re only new at this, then looking at the audience of similar businesses might help you define your target market for new endeavors.

Engaging Organically

After you’ve found the common demographics, qualities, and characteristics shared by your target clients, you can begin connecting with them online. 

Most importantly, you need to publish creative content or ads that resonate with your target market, as it would result in generating organic leads. Plan ahead by creating and managing your content calendar.

8 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Online Content Marketing | Digitomark

This carousel post for “Heritage Resort” was planned by our marketing team. The idea behind it was to raise awareness about the resort’s facilities and get more interaction from the audience.

Keeping this in mind, we posted it as a message campaign on facebook aimed at the proper audience who are seeking recreational activities with friends or family – and this post has it all, from showing the activities the guests can do to knowing how luxurious the rooms are. 

All this benefitted Heritage Resort in getting many queries from potential leads on Facebook!


Retarget audiences for ads by using tools from Meta

When it’s time to place an advertisement, your target market can assist you in defining the audience for your ad campaign. 

Tools such as the Meta Pixel and the Facebook SDK come handy in defining the audience of people who interact with your website or app, allowing you to automate the way you develop your audiences. 

It also gives the option to create Custom Audience for retargeting ads, as well as a Lookalike Audience to reach people who are similar to your present consumers.


Look at the results for future campaigns

Everything you do to run an ad online, is all based on trial and error. Meaning, some may give results and some may not.

Make adjustments by looking at the results of the ad of the previously ran ads, it will help you generate more optimized or better targeting for future ad campaigns.

Create an SEO Strategy to Rank Up on SERPs

Google gets 3.5 billion searches a day, making it prime real estate for any ad campaign, especially lead gen.

 – HubSpot


SEO is the technique of making it easy for search engines and your target audience to find your company on Google SERPs. When people search for content, services, or products, Google returns what it considers to be the best and most relevant results.


Since Google is focused on providing the best results to the audience, it is your responsibility to follow the best practices from running your business, creating optimum ad campaigns to ensuring the right approach of SEO.

You could hire an SEO agency or do it in-house, but only a team of SEO specialists can ensure nothing gets red flagged by Google.

green delta insurance rank on SERPs

That’s how Digitomark’s expert SEO team has made their clients reach at the very top of Google SERPs, for example Green Delta Insurance, a public non life insurance, has gotten satisfactory results on their keyword “Car Insurance in Bangladesh”. Check out the case study on Green Delta Insurance!


Whenever people search with the intended keyword “best car insurance company in Bangladesh”, their website comes to the very top on the first page of Google SERPs. When we started back in June 2023, the keyword was in the 7th position of the SERP, from September 2023 onwards the keyword is in the 1st place and has been unchanged till date.

8 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Online Content Marketing | Digitomark

We optimized their content to the point that their website’s traffic increased; on average, 2.5K visitors are seen practically every month from October 2022 to February 2023.

Freebies & Giveaways are a Big Hit!

Freebies, contests, and giveaways have worldwide appeal and have emerged as a dynamic lead generating tool. It’s just another technique to use the power of online lead generation – provide freebies and you’ll be inundated with responses in an instant! 


Who doesn’t like the feeling of getting free stuff? Why not take advantage of it?


You have nothing to lose because you will be increasing the value of your brand and creating trust in your customers. However, it is important to make sure that the offers are relevant to your business and collect contact information from audiences. This systematic strategy ensures that you’re not simply gathering followers, but also nurturing actual leads.

8 Effective Ways to Generate Leads Online Content Marketing | Digitomark

This is one of the easiest examples of offering a benefit to the customers by offering something for free and doing it the right way, connecting with the sentimentals. 


Marketing needs to be personal and needs to send the right message, negative marketing never lasts and puts a bad impression, think beyond and think about serving your customers.

Email Marketing is a Great Option

Email marketing lead generation is a technique for gathering information from potential customers via an email opt-in model. 


The major goal is to collect useful information like names, phone numbers, and email addresses from potential prospects in order to nurture them into buyers. Moreover, It generates 50% more sales than conventional lead generation tactics.


Blog articles are another excellent approach for collecting emails from potential consumers. Be sure to pick a blog topic that is hot in the marketing you are trying to zero in on, and effectively provide options such as pop up forms or newsletter subscription for clients to provide their email, which you can nurture by using email marketing to take your services.

Local Media Never Fails

Local media advertising was the first platform where product endorsements boomed, a true watershed moment for businesses. It continues to be seen as a great approach for generating leads. This is due to the fact that TV channels, newspapers, radio channels, or even magazines have a large fan base, and these fans could be your potential clients.


Radio Ads

Similar to online commercials, you may target your demographic on radio channels and have the RJs play your ad at whichever time of day you like. It’s that simple!


TV Commercials

While tuning into traditional TV channels or watching TV in general are not particularly popular, viewers are increasingly reliant on premium platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV+, and others. 


However, many, if not all, people watch TV channels, and TV advertising is more popular than ever. The channels you select to broadcast your advertising on should be filtered based on the audience’s age, the time of day, and other factors – for that you need to turn up to your local TV channels.

Local press 

The world is full of readers, and everybody loves a good story!


Do you have a specific product to offer, a unique take on the market trends, useful suggestions customized to your community, or an unusual story about your origins?


Contact the media and look into the possibility of gaining public relations exposure. This could be accomplished by getting featured on an interesting news item.

Influencer Marketing

Simply informing someone that something is good for them, is what basically influencing is. 


People follow a lot of influencers on social media platforms, and each influencer recommends the best things all over the internet to their followers. For instance, which trendy apps to use, food to eat or restaurants to try, and even which brand’s make-up products or dresses to wear. 


People are heavily influenced by what they see on the internet and are willing to follow what their favorite influencers are doing! Businesses are leveraging influencers to endorse their product and create a noise all over social media channels, and the results are immense in generating potential leads.