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Importance of SEO for Your SaaS Business

You may have noticed that nowadays almost every institution, business, or office employs software tools to track their data, both operational and otherwise.  In this era of digitalization, every business requires software services to ease the hectic processes that were done manually in the past. SaaS, or software as a service, is, therefore, a very promising field of business with unlimited opportunities to thrive. With the current emergence of cloud-based technologies, it is evident that the SaaS business has a bright future ahead. To flourish in this competitive arena, any SaaS business requires the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, similar to any other business at present. Prior to investing in SEO for your SaaS business, It is important for you to understand the prospects of SEO and the multifold benefits that can be derived from SEO strategies. The purpose of this article is to serve as a guide on the fundamentals of SaaS and the significance of SEO for SaaS businesses in Bangladesh.

What Is SaaS?

SAAS: Software as a service

In the simplest terms, software as a service (SaaS) can be described as a software distribution model that delivers applications over the internet as a service. A cloud provider hosts applications and users can access them directly through the internet instead of installing and maintaining the software on their computers. SaaS applications are also known as web-based software or on-demand software. The consumer base of SaaS ranges from IT professionals, business users, and personal users. Products include advanced IT tools, and software for entertainment such as Netflix, etc. 

How Does SaaS Work?

SaaS works through the cloud delivery model, where a host and a cloud provider offer applications to end users on a pay-as-you-go basis. A software provider either directly hosts the application and related data using its servers, databases, networking, and computing resources, or it can be an independent software vendor (ISV) who contacts a third-party cloud provider to host the application. Applications run on the provider’s servers, and the provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. SaaS applications are typically accessible to any device with an internet connection and are usually accessed via web browsers.

Difference Between SaaS SEO and Conventional SEO 

So, you have already got the idea about the ABCs of SaaS. Before we dive into the discussion about the benefits your SaaS business will get from SEO service, you might be wondering what differentiates a SaaS SEO strategy from a traditional one. It is crucial to understand the differences before hiring an SEO agency to ensure that your investment will be put to good use. 

The contrast in Keyword Selection

Traditional SEO focuses on keyword research based on a targeted demographic. As a result of such keyword selection, websites can attract the expected search traffic. But SaaS SEO emphasizes phrase targeting and long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords generally bring less traffic, but as they are more specific, they tend to obtain a higher conversion rate and reach a specific audience. 

Contrast in Contents

The contents of conventional SEO reflect simplicity. Most of the contents are developed in such a way that they are easily understandable and captivating to the targeted customers. On the other hand, SaaS SEO contents contain more technical terminologies including software service descriptions, video descriptions, etc. The sole purpose of SaaS SEO content writing service is to engage with other businesses that can acknowledge your services. 

The contrast in Marketing Strategies 

Generally, standard SEO strategy emphasizes the generation of new leads and sales within a specific time frame. SaaS SEO stands out in this case as its primary focus is to create new content as well as long-term partnerships with related businesses.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency for SaaS Business

Saas business is currently one of the most thriving businesses in this era of digitalization. The competition among SaaS providers can only be explained in one word: cut-throat competition. Bangladesh is also not falling behind in this global competitive arena. Many start-ups as well as advanced SaaS businesses are blooming, keeping up with the huge demand. To survive and thrive among these competitors, any SaaS business requires to stand out from all others. Here comes the magic of SEO! Search engine optimization (SEO) services can help a SaaS business prosper in the most effective way possible. The benefits of SEO services for a SaaS business include many. 

Higher Ranking on SERP

Every business aspires to appear on the first page of a related search in the search engines for better traffic. SEO is the most effective tool to rank high in search engine result pages (SERP) and to increase traffic in an organic way. SEO service providers will help your SaaS business with more visibility for highly competitive non-branded keywords searched by prospects and potential customers. Local SaaS SEO can optimize the search results of your SaaS business to attract more consumers. By ranking at the top on SERP, more potential customers will click on your business link, which is also known as Click-through-rate (CTR). Therefore, the engagements on your website will increase and the conversion rate will improve as a result. Ultimately, these will result in a high-profit margin and high revenue in your SaaS business. 

Profitable Marketing

At present, digital marketing is the most integral part of any business, regardless of a physical or online one. SaaS business is already a cloud-based business model, so digital marketing of a SaaS business is an indispensable means through which to flourish in the existing market competition. SEO is the only cost-effective way of efficient marketing, compared to conventional techniques. Excellent SEO strategies can ensure maximum benefits from the internet market to promote your SaaS business. Not opting for SEO services might give your competitors an edge which is not at all desirable with the intense competition that prevails in the online space. Developing related content, promoting your SaaS business by engaging with targeted business partnerships, generating leads, etc. are a few ways how an SEO agency can help your SaaS business. Marketing by SaaS SEO costs much less than conventional marketing tactics but the results are multiple-fold better than conventional ones. So, you will have a much better return on your investment with SaaS SEO services. 

Creating Brand Value

Demonstration of your expertise and services on your website to offer value to your potential consumers – is the key to your business success. SaaS SEO will aid you to excel in creating brand value. SEO services research and determine the crucial areas of information gaps that pose difficulties in what the target audience is searching for and make it easier for them to connect with the exact services provided by your business. Keyword research provides the information that your potential consumers are looking for, the questions frequently asked, as well as the style or language they use for a search. Moreover, SEO will provide you with the information of your competitors who are ranked higher in answering all of these questions better than you. With all this information, your SaaS SEO service will optimize your content according to these data and will be able to create better contents that go against the mainstream, enhancing your chances of ranking higher on SERPs. Also, studying your competitors’ content can help to create better content than theirs. These tactics will aid you to increase your brand value among potential customers and will build up trust and credibility. This is why you need SaaS SEO for your SaaS business. 

Generation of Qualified Leads

To generate qualified leads for your SaaS business, a few things need to be confirmed:

  •  You have to ensure that your target customers know that your SaaS company exists.
  • You have to convince and connect with them through engaging reliable content, that your company understands their needs.
  • You have to compel them to trust your business for the best service solutions.

This is exactly what an SEO service will provide you. A SaaS SEO service can create demand for your brand by increasing search engine visibility and helping you use the right keywords to get your content clicked and read by appropriate keyword research. Identifying specific business keywords for copywriting and incorporating them in the strategies, while purposely leaving others aside, makes it possible for you to attract specific relevant target customers rather than just increasing unwanted traffic for the sake of growing traffic. This is how SaaS SEO can focus and work on generating the right kind of leads for your SaaS business. 

Return on Investment (ROI)

Several marketing tools should be considered for expanding your SaaS business. Both online and offline tools may be considered in this scenario, with one being more advantageous in today’s times than the other. Conventional offline tools such as media and newspaper marketing cost higher than digital or online marketing. But again, online marketing such as paid online campaigns for your SaaS business is not very cost-effective too. Conventional online and offline marketing tools require a heavy advertising budget but can never ensure a good return on investment. On the other hand, hiring an SEO company with pay per click advertising service for your SaaS business can ensure visible positive results and the cost is lower than traditional ones. SEO analytics can help your company identify the exact setbacks to solve and the results to expect. Even if the outcome is not as expected, changes in SEO strategies can solve the problems in the future. With traditional marketing, the expected results cannot always be calculated beforehand and the risks involved are higher too in terms of investment cost if outcomes are not as predicted. SaaS SEO can provide predictable outcomes for you to consider before your investment. SaaS SEO can ensure a good return on investment (ROI) compared to conventional techniques. This is another reason why you should consider hiring a SaaS SEO service for making sure that your investment will be in good hands. 

Increasing User Experience

As a software-providing business, you have a very clear idea about how significant user experience is. The software your SaaS business offers might be very innovative, but it would not matter if your potential consumers cannot find their way around the dashboard. Your SaaS business can never thrive if your customers get frustrated when they click on your link and your site is taking forever to load or the layouts are all scrambled up when they searched for your services. This is why your website must be optimized to become user-friendly. Hiring an SEO service will spare you all the pain and will constantly monitor your website. Site speed, mobile -friendliness, etc. are just a few of the technical SEO metrics your SaaS SEO will provide to ensure customer satisfaction as well as valuation by search engines. 

Saving Time and Effort

SaaS SEO is a complex concept and requires many factors to be considered while implementation. If you decide to do the process on your own, it will be very time-consuming and exhausting, and the expected results cannot be ensured as well. Hiring a professional SEO service for your SaaS business will be a better choice than putting in your precious time and effort. The time saved can be implemented to develop your core SaaS business while your SEO service will help you expand your business. Moreover, SaaS SEO saves your time by negating the demand of conventional marketing. Before hiring an SEO service, you have to make sure of their professionalism by checking their client reviews and primarily discussing your goals with them and the strategies they offer. 


Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud-based business model where a host offers software services to users over the internet. At present, the SaaS business is one of the most promising arenas as the demand for software is always increasing. To flourish in this competitive field, SaaS businesses have to choose SEO services for building their brand value and for increasing visibility in the SERP. SaaS SEO stands out from conventional SEO in many criteria including different types of keywords, different contents, strategies, etc. SaaS SEO provides many benefits such as higher rankings on Google, high profitability, good return on investment, good user experience, etc. All these benefits have made SaaS SEO service an indispensable part of SaaS business success. 


Who owns my SaaS data?

Ans. As a software vendor or a host, you own your SaaS data in a cloud-based system. Your company’s right to retrieve data from your host’s server is always mentioned in the agreement. 

Is SEO necessary for my SaaS business growth?

Ans. Definitely. SEO tools help to grow your business by engaging your website with related businesses by increasing visibility and inviting specific traffic to your website.

Is SaaS business a safe investment

Ans. With the fast growth of cloud-based technologies, SaaS is undoubtedly a promising sector for investment. 

What is the most important thing to consider before creating a SaaS SEO strategy?

Ans. There is no one strategy alone that will help you reach your SaaS SEO goals. But instead of blindly following different strategies, focus-based digital tactics along with customer research will yield specific desires.