Motion Graphics

93% of brands received a new client as an outcome of a social media video.

We develop iconography, imagery, charts, and graphs because they are great narrative tools. These enable you to boost the specifics of your brand. Creating moving images that your audience engages with may have incredible benefits on the overall impression of your company.

Watching a wonderfully animated graphic on a company’s social media page or website may build a pleasant vibe in the head of a consumer. Digital graphics can be included in your brand’s storytelling to not only capture the interest of the audience but also to market your products and services. We believe that these brief yet compelling videos can successfully deliver the message.

Thus, we integrate motion graphics to bring a character to life or just to connect with the user. In any case, your brand will become more consumer-friendly. If you are seeking the most consumers for the least amount of money, motion graphics should be your choice. The return for a motion graphic video is significant. We know the secret to your social media campaign and are proficient to create a short, snappy, memorable motion, with outstanding design, intriguing messages, and readily shareable information.

Isn’t this precisely what motion graphics are? Motion graphics are simple to distribute and we are the bridge of visual communication between your brand and the audience. Collaborate with us and we will curate a subtle touch of creative motion outcome for your brand to stand out!

of small businesses think that the importance of graphic design to business success will grow exponentially in the next five years.

of people watch online videos every week.

of small business owners think graphic design is very important or moderately important to the success of their business.



Kickoff Meeting

Planning lays the groundwork for connection and strategy. We connect with you in order to engage with you and develop trust, which further ensures that we are in tune with your needs, which are essential to attaining the company's goals.



The assessment process aids in project planning. It allows us to examine information that is critical to the project and make modifications as needed. Therefore, we may set up a favorable time to begin our operations. Overall, analysis assists us in creating an effective plan for the timely and excellent production of motion graphics for your organization.



Our team's experience and your vision combine to produce an absolutely stunning motion graphic design. Finally, we ensure that our services ensure flawless graphical endorsement presentation.


Action Play

To ensure that we get all the ideal perspectives, we use our talents to create a communicative and appealing motion graphic. We are in complete sync with our views on changing your business image and focusing on digital art.


Visual Edits

Our knowledge of technical innovation has allowed us to add a touch of digital seasoning to boost the richness and enhance the visual features.


Final Delivery

Offering the product with complete clarity and in a variety of forms, such as raw files, pleases both the customer and us. This way, there is no basis for skepticism. We strive for accuracy in our work and efficiency in producing graphical excellence. Hence, we are the best motion graphic design provider in Bangladesh.



We prioritize communication and comprehensive management of the project. A dedicated manager from our team makes sure every update and requirement is being communicated and resolved.



Extensive analyses are done to understand your business’ niche and create a strategy accordingly, ensuring a motivating path to create a satisfying social media marketing experience.



Creating a custom content plan for your brand’s social media post enhances the online presence strategically, and organizing them in a monthly plan boosts brand awareness.



Drafting is an essential process. This ensures the client's satisfaction and provides them with design options to post on social media platforms.



Posting content on your brand’s social media page gets selected through a streamlined discussion. The highest quality content gets posted that meets the purpose with distinctiveness.



The determination to understand the post's relevance is crucial for its effective hype on social media platforms. Hence, optimizing and monitoring ensure the authenticity and whether it meets the requirement.



Promoting a social media post for a certain period by utilizing the social media tool’s paid option enables your brand to reach the potential leads and targeted likes and followers.



The determination to understand the post's relevance is crucial for its effective hype on social media platforms. Hence, optimizing and monitoring ensure the authenticity and whether it meets the requirement.


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Don’t take our word for it, have a look at theirs

About their timeliness, they maintained every deadline with impressive outcomes.

Tajul Islam Senior Manager & Digital Marketing, Concord Group

Their responsiveness and attention to detail were what I find most amazing.

Shariful Islam Assistant Brand Manager, Mir Cement Ltd.

The team was swift and proactive in working with us, continually augmenting our team to achieve our expectations.

Sami-Ur-Rahman Senior Brand Personal, SAK CPL

The workflow and project management style that the team used was good.

Md Jahangir Alam (Tipu) CEO, ACTS Assets Ltd.

How much does a motion graphics project cost? + -

The cost of a motion graphics production might vary based on factors such as the animation's complexity, the duration, and the number of changes required. We provide a quotation for a basic package and can offer a customized quotation as well.

How long does it take to complete a motion graphics project? + -

The timeline for a motion graphics project can vary depending on the complexity of the animation and the number of revisions required. We provide a deadline depending on your urgency and work efficiently to provide you with the best output.

Do you offer revisions and changes to the project? + -

Yes, we offer revisions and changes to the project within reason. We ensure to provide you with quality work to satisfy your needs.

Can you provide motion graphic explainer videos with different languages? + -

Yes, we can provide motion graphic explainer videos in multiple languages, depending on the availability of the language.

Do you have experience creating motion graphic videos for social media platforms? + -

Yes, we have experience creating motion graphic videos for various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.