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Social Media Marketing

Our strategic social media campaign ensures that your business is at the frontline of exploring the opportunities of modern day digital marketing.

73% of audience get influenced by social media presence.

We specialize in providing social media marketing services in Bangladesh, for businesses that aim to consistently communicate and educate their existing and potential customers through intelligent and engaging content, to achieve their business goals. Our experts strategize the use of multiple social media platforms , like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more, to establish an interactive platform between the target audience and your business. Our focus as an expert social media marketing agency in Bangladesh, is to ensure that our creative SMM campaigns align with your marketing and branding goals which humanizes your brand with the audience.

Our structured SMM strategies for your business, attracts potential customers and retains existing ones by fostering brand trust and reliability in the minds of the target audience. It significantly contributes to the overall progress of your company/business, by gradually building brand loyalty and brand equity in the market, communicating not only the products and services to customers, but also the core values of the company.


of marketers believe that social media marketing is effective for business


of  people with positive social media experience  recommend the brand to others


of consumers check the social media presence of a brand before visiting their website

Reach more, expand faster and dominate the market right now!


    Aspiring innovation through
    every aspect of Social Media Marketing:

    Audit Social Media

    Audit Social Media

    First, we understand your brand’s weaknesses and strengths by thoroughly analyzing the brand’s social media platforms. This allows us to get an idea about the company’s social media presence.

    Analyse Target Audience

    Analyse Target Audience

    We create a strategy to analyze and identify the right target audience for your brand and connect with them through social media campaigns.

    Create Creative Content

    Create Creative Content

    Words have the potential to engage with the audience. We style our write-up intending to grasp the readers' attention by conveying a message that they want to hear. Ultimately, such content writing strategy encloses the audience towards trust and reliability.

    Produce Creative Design

    Produce Creative Design

    Visuals tend to embed on a viewer's memory for a longer time. Hence, we strategize a design element suitable to your brand's style guidelines, be it a still image or motion graphic. We influence the creative aspect of that design to ensure effectiveness and brand awareness.

    Establish Video Campaigns

    Establish Video Campaigns

    Video campaigns are worthwhile and influence the audience with the brand’s idea and brilliance. It has the potential to make the audience engagement more lively and interesting while boosting the brand’s presence on social media platforms.

    Produce Ads

    Produce Ads

    Excellence comes with creative ad-making, and we produce innovative ads to inspire the audience and boost the number of likes, ultimately increasing your profile's followers.

    Optimize Daily

    Optimize Daily

    Daily monitoring and optimizing the posts that are shared and checking the overall performance throughout the social media platforms enhance the value of the content. Therefore, we ensure every post holds a volume of essential means to reach a larger audience.

    Query Management

    Query Management

    We manage swift communication to resolve potential clients' queries generated from your social media platforms. Besides, we do your digital bidding while you concentrate on your business proceedings.

    Case Studies

    Escalating brands
    to their full potential

    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Process

    Maximizing your brand outreach by implementing a digital workflow



    We prioritize communication and comprehensive management of the project. A dedicated manager from our team makes sure every update and requirement is being communicated and resolved.



    Extensive analyses are done to understand your business’ niche and create a strategy accordingly, ensuring a motivating path to create a satisfying social media marketing experience.



    Creating a custom content plan for your brand’s social media post enhances the online presence strategically, and organizing them in a monthly plan boosts brand awareness.



    Drafting is an essential process. This ensures the client's satisfaction and provides them with design options to post on social media platforms.



    Posting content on your brand’s social media page gets selected through a streamlined discussion. The highest quality content gets posted that meets the purpose with distinctiveness.



    The determination to understand the post's relevance is crucial for its effective hype on social media platforms. Hence, optimizing and monitoring ensure the authenticity and whether it meets the requirement.



    Promoting a social media post for a certain period by utilizing the social media tool’s paid option enables your brand to reach the potential leads and targeted likes and followers.

    digitomark social media marketing faq

    Have a questions? We have the answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We distinguish ourselves as an agency who are always available to provide support to our valuable audience.

    Is it necessary for us to grant you access to our social media accounts?

    Yes, depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary. This will help us to post content on behalf of you when you are not available, monitor your profile’s performance regularly etc

    Does your social media marketing service come in several packages?

    Yes, we have several packages to meet your needs, but we also customize them to meet any specific goals that you have for your business.

    What are the steps to target my business’s client base?

    We will choose the right audience for you based on your needs and our research findings. Thanks to the recent updates of the advanced social media platforms, many options are available that make it easy to target clients by selecting particular criteria such as interests, locations etc.

    Which platforms do you have specialty on?

    We specialise in Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter at the moment due to the huge demands. Our team of experts are tech savvy and are passionate about social media. Hence if you have any other platforms you want to work with, our specialists can help you with that too.

    Do you provide social media marketing ad posts?

    Yes we offer all kinds of social media marketing services based on all the features the platforms provide.

    Don’t take our word for it,
    have a look at theirs