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How Does Social Media Put an Effect on Marketing?

The marketing methodologies typically come with different challenges and in collective situations. Although, the goal stays the same to reach as many consumers with the right motivation, while facing problems allocating and selecting the right technology and hiring the suitable talent.

With the growing aspect of technological advancement, the world has found effortless and convenient ways to reach people worldwide, through social media. The adaptation of social media marketing in Bangladeshi culture is something which has innovation and cultivation of modern ideas to reach the mass. However, there are much more technicalities and scopes yet to be understood and implemented in the right way to get the perfect outcome.

The usage of social media amongst the people worldwide is increasing everyday and with it social media marketing agencies in Bangladesh are increasing too with promising and innovative marketing content creation. Therefore, the marketing methods collaborating with social media has gained the businesses an outreach advantage for delivering their products and services to the customers. Indeed, this is a game changing scenario in the world of marketing. More and more businesses are combining their process platforms and are engaging themselves in social media marketing.

Marketing Before Social Media

Back in the days, before the concern of digital platforms came into consideration and implementation to the marketing process, businesses would rely their advertisement campaigns on non-digital forms of marketing such as the use of billboards to get consumer attention. The criteria of the company would align with this method so that the targeted audience could get interacted when passing by the streets and driving by the highways, this was considered and still is considered one of the most interactive forms of marketing. Other traditional methods include printing flyers and brochures, telephone marketing, TV advertisements and radio.

Even Though, there was digital marketing before the awareness of social media, it lacked application and further effectiveness to get the expected outreach. Email marketing was associated with outbound marketing methods and the usage of search engines shone light on the first inbound marketing. SEO implementations in the initial days were used in the way where it is considered as a form of black hat technique in recent times. The excessive amount of keyword stuffing, overusing of tags and contents which were stuffed with backlinks. Therefore, it is crucial for Bangladeshi firms to choose the right SEO service provider company in Bangladesh who knows how to implement the most trendy marketing strategies for the business success

What is Social Media Marketing?

To understand the basics, we must be aware of how social media has connected the world and how it has made so much feasible for every human being to get informed about anything and everything. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name a few, have made communication and news travel faster than ever.

With over 53% of the world’s population on social media, it’s critical that your business has an effective social media strategy that helps you reach your intended audience.


Hence, according to the statistics, claiming the majority of the world’s population are on social media platforms, the collaboration of marketing products and services through social media is the most relevant and game changing scenario in the marketing industry to get the expected outreach amongst consumers.

Furthermore, with the world accelerating towards digitized mentality, it is high time for businesses to become digitized in their marketing schemes as well and enable the social media marketing services in Bangladesh for their products and services and with the relevant consultation, choose the right digital marketing service to enhance the outreach to their consumers.

How Social Media Has Had an Impact on Marketing

54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Each person spends an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social networks and messaging.


As per the statistics, social platforms are clearly the convenient way for the consumers to search for what products they desire to purchase or services they want to get. These are more of the reasons to invest in digital marketing in Bangladesh, because the future of advertisement is the internet. Let us look at some of the positive effects that are caused by Social Media Marketing (SMM), when done the right way.

Increased Traffic on Websites

The numbers of users are increasing at a higher rate in the social media platforms, which means when the social media marketing is done the right way for the specified businesses it allows a greater opportunity for the websites to get more traffic. Hence, becoming the major source of traffic to your website. 

As social media is one of the most popular online activities with higher user engagement rates, it is destined to achieve more with the right digital marketing channels and tools to enhance your web presence. 

As per the statistical figure shown above, it demonstrates that, in the year of 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media globally with that estimation the number is to grow to 4.41 billion, approximately, by 2025.

More Brand Awareness to the Right Consumers

81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook.


Crafting the social media campaigns and promotions of your business will lead to a more interactive post towards the targeted customers. Engaging your customers through your brand and capturing their attention is something of an effort to improve your brand awareness.

Therefore, having the visibility of your brand to every single social media platform will help your brand connect with more potential social media audiences. Furthermore, it is the content that matters which you post on behalf of your business to these social media platforms, it needs to be enhanced with creative content and most importantly creative photographs and videos which tells a message about your products and services and promotional offers. Portraying such collaboration with the right team of social media marketing agencies in Bangladesh, will flourish the growing businesses with the right set of mind and attract more consumers through simplicity of the digital techniques.

Competitive Advantage

Social media has enabled businesses to have a competitive advantage and it has changed the nature of competition for good. 

Facebook is considered to be a market place amongst other social media apps, and every business is to find their competitors on a social media platform. This helps a business gather up resources and be ahead of the game with research and marketing something more which can actually put an impact on the targeted consumers.

Facebook ads have the potential to reach over 2.18 billion people.


Social media platforms, such as Facebook, as per the statistics say it holds the potential to reach billions of people with the right motivation of content. However, such potential needs to be carried out with the proper advertising consultants to make a difference and stand out in the market. For which, hiring the right talent to boost your exposure to the market is the key.

At least once a month, 54% of consumers are looking for a local business online.

Compare Hare

The number speaks for itself, everyday people are searching for businesses on their social media platforms and what if your products and services are exactly what they need. Indeed, with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising service, your brand gets more visibility on the platforms and it helps increase traffic to your business’s website.

Social Media Boosts the Brand Loyalty for the Business

Developing a long term loyalty with consumers, helps a brand grow and ensures long term engagement with the customers through social media platforms. According to research conducted on social media and marketing, 66% of users who are aged around 18 years to 24 years are more loyal to the brands they follow on their social media platforms.

In respect to be the right brand to your consumers a certain practice must be abided. However, If your business is to hire the right SMM service provider agency, certain practices will be ensured through the help of their expertise.

The services of the social media agency will ensure your business has the correct strategy planned out to stay above your competitors. Furthermore, sharing creative contents which comprises high quality videos and photographs to inspire brand loyalty. In addition to it, through the perfect combination of words, content writing, a certain message will alter the perception of consumers and gain more attraction towards the brand.

Social Media: The Only Platform for Organic and Paid Campaigns for your Business

Tweets with hashtags get 100% more engagement.”


Engagements with consumers are the most crucial thing while running marketing campaigns on social media for your business and getting the most outreach. Therefore, social media is the only digital platform which enables the business to run free campaigns and ads for the products and services. 

With over 53% of the world’s population on social media, it’s critical that your business has an effective social media strategy that helps you reach your intended audience.


So, for your business you can post content without promoting it and when you run ads which are paid it boosts your content to reach a wider audience. Since the contents or ads that are posted are intended for a target audience it allows for the businesses to set their costing campaign according to preferences to reach the right consumers according to the products and services. Furthermore, most platforms allow you to target the audience on the basis of activity, demographics of the audience, interests and psychographics, this is made possible due to access to Big Data.

Access to Big Data: More Return on Investment

In 2021, the overall amount of data generated in the world was estimated to be around 79 zettabytes.


As per the statistic, the data generation has become crucial to determine the strategies of every social media marketing campaign. However, as traditional marketing goes, it has always been determined to reach the audience in mass with no guarantee for return on their investment.

Now with big data generation it is compelling to observe that the marketing strategies set will be according to the generated data and will target to reach the right audience according to the evidence unlike traditional marketing which reached out to audiences with no interest on the product and services whatsoever. 

Furthermore, big data ensures the detailed context of your running campaign and helps you run a more detailed driven campaign than the last one. Basically, big data helps you to reanalyze and strategize your campaigns. Removing the guesswork from your marketing schemes, it adds solid data into consideration from delivery of content, targeting the audience and what message it should deliver. Social media marketing in Bangladesh is seeing all sorts of changes and updating itself with the right motivation.

  • Better Customer Service

Social media platforms have brought the consumers and the business at a certain point where communication between them is more convenient than ever. Consumers now rely on the social media pages of the businesses to have a direct communication regarding their concerns and queries, even the slightest ones. Therefore, this helps consumers get the clear idea and help make decisions on buying the goods or services or maybe clarify any problem with a purchased product.

Evolution of Social Media Platforms and Marketing Combined

Social media applications are something which keeps on changing with time and updating itself with demanding needs and comforts of the users. This dire need to keep itself updated has enabled something which has changed the face of business and their marketing strategies forever. Therefore, the platforms which will keep on enhancing itself with the current world needs and update themselves accordingly will continue to thrive and deliver prospective ease of satisfaction.

81% of people use Instagram to research products and services. Facebook users click on 12 Facebook ads on average every month.


As per the statistics, the consumers are always eager to find the product they desire and would click on ads if the products your company is selling is according to their needs. The most recent major platforms which businesses use to run their marketing campaigns consist of old players and new players in the digital industry– Facebook, it has redesigned itself according to how we perceive social media marketing. The news feed section on a user’s account has altered and brought new opportunities according to the preference of an individual. More platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, starting from paid marketing to influencer marketing, the platforms are changing their formation and collaboration in demanding times and in the most convenient ways.

In Essence

Social media marketing is currently trending and will keep on trending for a foreseeable future. As social media helps businesses to reach more consumers, better engagement with your customers, building awareness for your brand, products and services, and instant customer services with better communication. 

Therefore, growing online business and established organizations needs to consider social media marketing as a source of growth and brand awareness amongst the targeted customers. Social media marketing in Bangladesh is getting adapted by various firms and organizations and they have already reached a certain point where their consumers rely on social media platforms to keep themselves updated on their products and services. Hence, hiring a social media marketing service provider agency in Bangladesh is something local businesses should consider in order to get the expert consultancies and execute their idea in the right form of deliverance.

Digitomark, one of the promising digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh, caters to the properness of digitized marketing services to companies all over the globe and expects guaranteed results through their nurturing of ideas. AWR Real Estate, one of the well-known construction companies in Bangladesh and Digitomark is in association with the company to provide their Social Media Marketing (SMM) services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the best social media marketing tools?

Having run a successful ad campaign on social media is like any other marketing strategy and strategies are crucial that are planned and managed on solid and collected data. However, to succeed in making the best strategy for your ad campaign on social media platforms, these tools can help you get started: Biteable, Buffer, Buzzsumo, Missinglettr.

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Yes, it can, since social media helps reach your business a wider range of audience, it can be paid or organic. It is also a very cheap way to promote your products and services.

What is social media ROI?

Social Media Return on Investment (ROI), basically means the investments made on ad campaigns for your products and services in social media platforms, ROI measures the social media actions that create a value which is then divided by the initial investment you made to achieve those actions.

How do I improve my social media presence?

Here are some tips, which will help your presence in social media be close to flawless and strong such as, using creative images with the right message, doing a proper research before posting a content, beware of posting controversial topics, and the content must include a sense of humor to interact with users, most importantly double checking before posting any content.

How can I learn social media marketing?

You need to acquire a few simple skills such as, fluent communication, creative approach to make visual contents, content writing skills and most importantly content curation.