There is a never-ending debate about SEO vs PPC which one is better. SEO brings you organic traffic, but it takes time. On the other hand, PPC is faster but is a little bit costly and complex process. So, which one is greater than the other? The answer is, “Rather than trying to compare the […]

In modern-day living, the digital aspect is expected to be present in every day-to-day activity, and with it comes the feasible nature of communication in an instant and optimal way. This has become a revolutionary essence for corporations and their marketing and advertisement campaigns, transforming the proceedings and processes in a digitalized way. Adapting to […]

CONTENT – The atomic unit of digital marketing can be the magnet for attracting clients if done well. Businesses have a huge chance to improve their performance by using content marketing. You can boost your online presence, develop a community, and grow brand supporters by providing meaningful and relevant information to visitors. As the demand […]

The marketing methodologies typically come with different challenges and in collective situations. Although, the goal stays the same to reach as many consumers with the right motivation, while facing problems allocating and selecting the right technology and hiring the suitable talent. With the growing aspect of technological advancement, the world has found effortless and convenient […]

Over the last few years, there has been a drastic shift in the business world in Bangladesh. Every business has started focusing on going online with the most profitable marketing strategies, especially during the outbreak of Covide 19. As people spend more time online, marketing has become the most beneficial investment for businesses to keep […]