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Pay Per Click Advertising

Our well planned pay-per-click advertising campaigns ensure your increased interaction with customers and expands your audience.

97% of consumers seek local companies on the internet.

As an experienced pay per click advertising company in Bangladesh we offer our services across a wide range of options within this category, ranging from paid search (ads on search engines), display ads (banners/videos), shopping ads, youtube/video advertising and many more.

Our skilled techniques in online ad placement across search engines and other display networks, prioritize featuring your ads to the right users at the right time, making us a noteworthy PPC advertising agency in Bangladesh.
We believe that the benefits gained through PPC marketing far outweigh the costs for your business. Our PPC strategy draws in a very selective target audience as it is based on specific parameters (demographics, key words, interests, ad scheduling) which provides accurate measurable data about the reach, reflecting the effectiveness of the campaigns. The results are analyzed and used to create stronger SEO strategies, by discovering more effective keywords to attract online traffic and generate leads.

Our well-rounded plan for perfect ad placement ensures the highest levels of conversions, by acquiring a focused customer base. We make full use of the potential digital advertising has to offer, by complementing PPC and SEO strategies, to gain the maximum relevant exposure for your business, sustain a high ranking for your business website, and ultimately contribute to your business growth.


of people use Google Ads to contact target clients directly


of mobile users click on a paid ad on the internet


of clients make calls right after clicking on a PPC ad

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    Putting your brand in the
    limelight of digital platforms:

    Paid Media

    Paid Media

    Paid media is the process when a certain amount of ad inventory is purchased on the advertisement platform. Therefore, it allows us to publish the brand’s message and ad campaigns on these channels to reach the target audience.

    Google Display Ads

    Google Display Ads

    Google display ads refer to graphic advertisements that are intended for social media platforms or websites through banners or visual content. Moreover, it enhances the idea of your brand through the campaigns that help to increase sales and generate leads.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads

    We strategize a unique and visually attractive campaign to boost your brand through paid advertising with Facebook's audience targeting method. Facebook is the front-line of social media platforms, and we ensure that you have a unique presence in it.

    Programmatic Ads

    Programmatic Ads

    Programmatic advertisement is a more automated process of broadcasting ad campaigns to advertisement platforms. So, you can target your audiences more efficiently and reach your leads more effectively.

    Creative Content

    Creative Content

    The most effective way to reach the audience is the right construction of words that inspire and motivate the users to be interested in your brand’s message. Our well-written creative captions capture the audience's attention and enhance engagement.

    Innovative Design

    Innovative Design

    We coordinate the designs conveniently with the thought process of your target audience and the theme of your business. Therefore, it allows your campaigns to be visually engaging and interactive. In essence, we make a distinctive approach to creating the designs for the campaigns so that the unique element differs your brand from the rest.

    Daily Optimization

    Daily Optimization

    We prioritize focusing on the statistics and overall performance of the running campaigns. Daily monitoring and optimization reflect on the quality of future ad campaigns with better-detailed content focused on the targeted audience.

    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Prestigious Clients

    Dynamic results,
    delighted clients

    Our Process

    Our process glorifies your digital presence and flourishes your brand



    We understand that the foundation of clear communication makes the working process easier and more satisfactory on both ends. Therefore, to create a bridge of swift communication between the client and our team, an account manager is assigned to supervise whether the work is going according to the requirement or not.


    Conducting Analysis

    Our team of experts believes in analyzing before taking any actions to bring the most optimal output. The extensive analysis also helps us in creating a precise strategy. Hence, our research and analysis process is thorough and robust in understanding your business’s niche.


    Creating Strategy

    Analyzing the industry and online platform to boost your digital presence falls under our strategy. Our expertise in creating a campaign strategy with multiple stages for the right digital platform enables your brand to achieve more engagement.


    Targeting Audience

    Every brand has specific criteria of audience and consumers, for whom the products and services are intended. So, based on the demographics and interests, the right target audience is selected.


    Placing Keywords

    When the target audience is identified, we have progressed on a successful path. In accordance with that, the most important step is conducting a keyword analysis based on the audience’s preferences. A creative content write-up with strategically placed keywords attracts more users.


    Preparing Drafts

    Drafting is an important part of our process, as it allows thorough planning of our strategies with the clients. We focus on maintaining a monthly plan for the ad campaigns and creating drafts as an option for you to choose. In essence, we maintain a polished process to meet your expectations.


    Posting Ad Campaigns

    We never fail to inspect the quality of the visuals and content of the ad campaigns. Therefore, we post the campaigns with high-quality content, which will serve the purpose of the advertisement successfully.


    Monitoring and Optimizing

    A thorough observation is conducted to analyze the performance of each campaign on social media platforms. Moreover, observation helps us optimize the quality of future posts to get more engagement.

    digitomark ppc faq

    Have a questions? We have the answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We distinguish ourselves as an agency who are always available to provide support to our valuable audience.

    What is Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing?

    Paid social media activity necessitates the investment of media dollars behind posts. These posts can only be viewed by anyone in the target audience you specify for that post.

    Organic social media activity necessitates no media expenditure. Content is directly posted to your social feed and is only visible to your followers.

    Will you be able to run and manage my pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns if I already have a few?

    Yes, we will manage your campaign and report to you on a regular basis.

    How frequently do you review the posts?

    We devote approximately 2-3 sessions per week to reviewing. However, the amount of time spent will also be determined by the campaign.

    Do you provide Paid Social Audits?

    Yes, as a PPC Advertising agency in Bangladesh, we will always review your existing activity before we begin, including account and tracking setup, targeting, formats, creative and messaging, and overall strategy. This will enable us to identify both immediate efficiencies for quick wins and long-term gains.

    How long do you have to wait to see results?

    Unlike other forms of marketing, PPC can produce results almost immediately. However, successful PPC campaigns may take several months in a few cases due to a variety of factors.

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