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Spectra Group


Brand and Projects keyword visibility on a global scale 

About Company

The industrial footprint for Spectra Group leads back to 1981, they have the rich heritage of being in the industry well over three decades. During the year of the firm’s inception it incorporated from being a sole proprietorship firm of Engr Khan Md Aftabuddin as a limited liability company known as Reza Construction Limited (RCL). In 2011, Reza Construction Limited was renamed to Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL). To date, Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL) has been dedicated to influence the growth of the infrastructure development and they are fiscally responsible for the establishment of several business organizations, such as Spectra International Limited, Spectra Oxygen Limited, Spectra Properties Limited, Spectra Organics Limited and Spectra Solar Park Limited.

Spectra Group’s core expectation from us was getting their Brand Keywords visibility on a global scale. This was successfully achieved with our team’s thorough research of relevant words that rank higher in the search engines. And now our next phase is assisting them in getting their Services and Products Keywords Visibility Ranking higher as well, our team has based its analysis on the CTR (Click-Through Rate) and various high-quality content related factors which focuses on the visibility ranking.


SEO optimization for recognition on the global scale

  • 1000% increase in impression
  • Traffic Growth up to 900% 
  • 100% Targeted Keywords on the top 5 Globally


Crafting Brands to reach their true potential through SEO Optimization

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO Optimizations
  • Technical SEO Optimizations
  • Off-Site SEO Analysis
  • SEO Optimized Content