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Content Writing



About Company

SAK Consumer Products Limited, previously known as RAK Consumer Products Limited has been in the industry of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) well over a decade now. Their innovation in producing and providing health-care and home products all over Bangladesh is commendable as it ensures top-grade products are being manufactured and distributed.

The Story

SAK CPL crafted their ship to sail and take over the industry with the high-end nurtured products and it expected the same with their content for their website. As their leading nature in the industry, the resonance of the content was expected to be the same with a hint of giving their clients a perception of why they are the leaders of the industry.

Our Process

The content writing for SAK CPL’s website focused on their association of providing the ultimate products to their clients and why they were the elite manufacturers of the entrusted clients all over Bangladesh. It demanded to generate a content that enabled the leading tone and convey their essence.


Research and Analysis

Extensive research on competitors and target audiences has been conducted in order to generate a tone that represents the brand.


Content Delivery

Based on ongoing research, each component was created in accordance with the criteria and presented to the client for feedback.


Content Review

Following each feedback and review, the information was quickly changed and transferred to the finalisation step for data presentation.