Industries That Need SEO The Most in Bangladesh

Industries That Need SEO The Most

Wherever there is a business opportunity, there will be competition! This is the digital era of e-commerce that holds immense potential for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to transcend borders within seconds, and reach out to hundreds and thousands of target customers with their products and services,  all thanks to the internet and the constantly evolving smart technology. As opportunities are escalating, so is the intensity of competition amongst businesses to capture a greater share of the market.

People are bombarded with multiple options for any single product or service and comparisons and information can be accessed within seconds, so how do businesses ensure that they are not lost in the sea of existing businesses along with ever growing numbers of new entrants in the market? Competition is fierce and all businesses want to be seen, heard, and remembered. 

If you are looking to gain an upper hand over your business peers and stay ahead of the game then, you might want to read on and find out what the current market trends are and what you can do about them.  The digital era symbolizes the rise of e-commerce and requires digital solutions for survival. This phenomenon has made it imperative for businesses to establish a very strong digital presence without which their doom is imminent. There will always be another business waiting to capture the attention of your target customers and win them over if you are unable to keep pace with your competitors. Your shield against such an unfavorable occurrence is to allocate a budget for a unique digital marketing solution. So, how do successful companies ensure their game as top players in the market? The answer is simple and lies in the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO.

To understand better, let’s discover the secrets of SEO and how it contributes to business success and determine the businesses/industries in Bangladesh which need SEO services the most.

What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies and tools that aid a website to be represented as engaging by a search engine. In simpler terms, if you optimize your website with SEO, your site will be considered an asset by search engines like Google and Google will rank your site on top of search engine result pages (SERPs) for related searches. 

The techniques of SEO for optimizing your website’s visibility include several strategies, mostly tailored according to your site’s requirements. Basic tasks that SEO companies do include:

  • Researching search engine algorithms for website ranking and looking out for regular updates
  • Conducting relevant keyword research and compiling a list of necessary keywords
  • Developing web content, blogs, etc. including those keywords
  • Altering on-page and off-page website contents according to the demands of the current market
  • Ensuring your site is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and functional 

Other than these basic steps, SEO services provide more personalized strategies upon auditing your website. Through these services, your website can rank top on SERPs, gain visibility and reach your target audience, consequently, increasing your conversion rate and ROI.

Which Industries in Bangladesh Require SEO Service The Most?

The importance of SEO in Bangladesh has peaked in the last few years with the sprouting of hundreds and thousands of eCommerce and retail online businesses. Every sector of every industry requires SEO for maintaining a strong online presence for business success. SEO is considered the most successful as well as the most cost-effective way of digital marketing in Bangladesh. Among all other digital marketing channels, SEO provides long-term and measurable results without breaking the bank.

The pandemic had a deep impact on the lives of people of this country and the lockdown phase has made people get used to online shopping than visiting physical shops. So, many online businesses that bloomed during the pandemic, and the existing ones before have made digital marketing a vital part of the business. The importance of digital marketing in the changing world of COVID-19 is immense and in Bangladesh, almost every industry requires SEO help for this purpose. In this article, the main industries that are yet to embrace SEO completely are identified and discussed. 

E-commerce industry 

The E-commerce industry has taken over conventional markets over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic situation has extensively exhibited the significance and feasibility of e-commerce markets in our daily life. In Bangladesh, online stores are more popular than any physical store for almost all types of products.  The e-commerce industry can greatly benefit from SEO because it helps to increase the visibility and credibility of an online store in search engine results pages. This can lead to more organic traffic to the site, which can result in more sales and revenue. As the competition in this sector is unbelievably high, there is honestly no other way to get a competitive edge among your competitors without SEO. If a potential customer searches for a product and your website ranks on top of search result pages, isn’t it natural to place an order from a top-ranking website rather than from a low-ranked one? So, the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh requires professional SEO services more than any other industry at present. 

Startups and Small Businesses 

A good SEO strategy can help startups or small businesses in Bangladesh to reach new heights of success. The main barrier, in this case, is the initial cost of SEO, as any startup or small business tends to practice restraint in allocating and deciding the marketing cost within a fixed budget. Again, the time frame for outcomes from SEO might put them off too. These concerns are very reasonable and completely understandable. 

But again, if SEO is tailored perfectly according to business requirements, the derived results will generate profit multi-folds when compared to the investment. Moreover, SEO helps to build up your business for long-term success, more efficiently than any other marketing channel. So, in the long run, startups and small businesses will greatly benefit from SEO and encounter great business growth over time. 

Another important aspect of SEO is that it provides you with your target customer data. The principal rule of starting a business is to identify the demand or need of the current market related to your products and services. After you have successfully done this bit right, then there is nothing but a search including related products through search engines between your brand and your target customers. SEO aids you to find out which questions your consumers ask about your products and what obstacles they are facing while searching for related products or services. SEO, therefore, provides everything to completely understand your consumers’ needs so that you can alter your website structure and offerings according to them. This gives you a bonus point along with other advantages that SEO brings for the growth of your small business/startup. Consequently, SEO can help a small business or a startup to reach a large demographic over time with increased sales, ensuring a secured future for a newly bloomed business. 

Locally Exclusive Businesses

Local businesses have been relying on word-of-mouth marketing forever. Word-of-mouth marketing means when someone purchases from or does business with a local company, he tends to pass the information about his experience to other people in the same locality. Suppose, you have bought a delicious cake from a new bakery in your neighborhood, and you told your neighbor about how pleasing the taste was. Your neighbor automatically becomes a potential consumer and will want to experience the product himself. This is how word passes from person to person and the growth of the business gets a boost. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is very essential in the digital world. It is represented as customer reviews, Google reviews, or inbound links. Referrals from satisfied customers can build your brand’s credibility and earn your consumers’ trust. Local SEO works to help you build your site through these strategies in such a way that your end-users are attracted to visit your site. Local SEO operates separately from national SEO and completely on a different algorithm. When your target audience conducts a local search with geographic-specific keywords or enabling location, search engines i.e. Google automatically filters the websites to present only the top-ranking sites in that particular location. Even though many small local businesses still neglect the importance of SEO or a strong digital presence, it is evident to say that it might be a grave mistake. As a large number of businesses are sprouting up all across Bangladesh, each location contains a huge cluster of businesses dedicated to selling the same products and services. 81% of people search for products online before making a purchase, either from an online or a physical store. SEO gives any local business a competitive edge among this cutthroat competition.

Real Estate Agencies

The real estate industry is currently one of the most important sectors in Bangladesh’s economy. Hundreds of real estate agencies have mushroomed all across the country with a vision to provide housing to the large population of Bangladesh. To stand out in the crowd, SEO services are unavoidable for real estate companies. Professional SEO strategies can help a real estate business to reach more clients, rank top on related search results, and increase return on investment (ROI). Unique content for content marketing strategies on real estate services and housing offerings can allure more traffic organically than any other marketing strategy. When people search for real estate agencies online, local SEO will help to increase the visibility of your website and increase your chances of sales. Your real estate business can earn popularity over time with the right SEO strategies and it will also help to improve your revenue simultaneously. Although, if you have any confusion about your real estate SEO, Please check our recent SEO case study on Concord Real Estate – A leading Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

Online Maintenance Services

Seeking help through online maintenance services is quite a recent concept in Bangladesh. Usually, people are used to calling locally acquainted professionals for repair or maintenance services. Such as, if anyone has a plumbing emergency, he will call the person his neighbors usually call for plumbing and other maintenance services in exchange for a charge. In such cases, most people with no professional knowledge get called for.  But with the emergence of many maintenance and repair services like Sheba, etc., people are opting for these online services because they offer to provide professional home services. Many maintenance services fall under this umbrella such as plumbers, electricians, car mechanics, etc. These online maintenance services right now require SEO attention more than ever. This field has become highly competitive already and to increase visibility to target audiences, only SEO can do the magic. Local SEO will help these services to be ranked top on search engine result pages (SERPs) for local search and to reach a wider demographic within a location. 

SaaS and Other Technology-Based Businesses

SaaS or software as a service is a software distribution model that provides on-demand applications over the internet as a service. Over the past few years, the SaaS business has grown fast in Bangladesh because of the convenience and feasibility it offers to consumers. SEO in the case of SaaS business is extremely crucial as the entire business is internet-based and thus the competition is growing faster than ever. Aside from SaaS, other technology-oriented professional services such as internet providers, technological equipment maintenance and repair services, etc. also require SEO help for keeping up with the growing competition. As there are so many service providers for these platforms at present, it is crucial to building a strong digital footprint for your business, otherwise, your business will be lost in the noise in this vast cyberspace. SEO will ensure the flow of organic traffic to your business website as well as increase your visibility through organic search. It is high time for all SaaS businesses and technology-based businesses to hire professional SEO services to get a competitive edge.

Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare sector includes medical, dental, physiotherapy, and other related facilities. The conventional way of contacting your healthcare service provider through the phone to take appointments and for other purposes is still prominent in Bangladesh, but at present people conduct thorough research online at first to find suitable healthcare services. Some prefer to reach out through the website directly, whereas some still prefer the old-school way of contacting through a hotline service. In both cases, people search online as the first step for figuring out which services might be fit for them. So, with the growing number of healthcare centers, hospitals, physiotherapy centers, etc., these services need to stay ahead of the competition by building a strong digital presence. Medical services specialize in specific fields and generating related keywords for these specific sectors is crucial but also easier for SEO optimizing their websites. With the help of local SEO, these facility providers can build a robust digital presence to earn target audiences’ trust and increase their popularity as United Hospital did for their website.

Restaurants, Hotels, and Entertainment Centers

A metropolitan city like Dhaka itself accommodates hundreds of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers like gaming arcades, cinema halls, bars, etc. Other cities all over Bangladesh also have so many options when it comes to food, drink, and entertainment. Naturally, the competition is extremely high. But most of the websites of restaurants and other facilities in Bangladesh are still not up to the mark. Almost more than 90% of people conduct searches online to assess and compare these services before making a final decision. As the competition grows only higher, these platforms need to change the game by optimizing their websites and content through SEO to reach the target audience through organic search.

Developing quality content, using relevant keywords, optimizing the website for increasing user experience, etc., are the ways to SEO optimize the websites for staying ahead of the game.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry of Bangladesh has been flourishing over the last few decades. The ease of traveling in recent years and the availability of information on anything as well as directions have boosted the growth of this industry immensely. Seasonal tourism and round-the-year traveling are common scenarios at present in Bangladesh. This resulted in the emergence of hundreds of travel agencies, tourism support groups, traveling and sports equipment businesses, etc. So, the competition in this sector is also inflated, and to stand out in the crowd, a tourism-related website must need SEO. Most travel websites operate under CPA (cost per acquisition) targets and have a vision of generating direct bookings, so SEO is essential for this industry. Optimizing your travel website with SEO to gain recognition for your tourism business has no other alternatives.

Insurance industry 

The insurance industry in Bangladesh is highly competitive, and with more and more companies turning to the internet to reach potential customers, SEO can help insurance companies to stand out from the competition and attract more traffic to their websites. Insurance companies can increase their chances of being found by potential customers who are searching for insurance-related products or services by optimizing their websites for relevant keywords and providing high-quality, informative content by SEO. This helps to improve the user experience and build credibility, which is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. To know how you will get benefited, Please check our recent SEO case study on Green Delta Insurance – A Leading Non-life Insurance Company in Bangladesh. 


Search engine optimization helps a business increase visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) by ranking top among related searches. Developing quality content and optimizing the website accordingly can bring about astonishing results. This digital marketing channel is extremely crucial to develop a strong digital root for any business. In Bangladesh, almost every industry should consider taking SEO services for their business success. Among all the industries that require SEO services more than ever, the most worth mentioning industries are startups, small businesses, local small services, maintenance services, technology support, SaaS, restaurants, hotels, entertainment facilities, legal professionals, tourism, etc. These industries should embrace SEO in no time for long-term outcomes and increased growth.


Why does an industry need SEO?

Ans. SEO services provide long-term and measurable success for any industry and help to give a competitive edge, making SEO a must for business growth.

What is SaaS?

Ans. Software as a Service is a software distribution service that provides on-demand applications software over the internet to its consumers.

Why should I consider SEO for my small local restaurant? 

Ans. SEO will help you to stand out among the crowd and will eventually increase sales of your restaurant. SEO will bring the highest number of organic traffic to your restaurant’s website and more people will be likely to visit your restaurant and you can think about expanding your business in no time.

How can I optimize my online clothing store’s website with SEO?

Ans. If you do not have previous experience in SEO optimization, you should consult with a trustworthy SEO agency for improving your store’s website following SEO.