How is Digital Marketing Shaping the Future of Modern Business in Bangladesh?

The Future of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

In modern-day living, the digital aspect is expected to be present in every day-to-day activity, and with it comes the feasible nature of communication in an instant and optimal way. This has become a revolutionary essence for corporations and their marketing and advertisement campaigns, transforming the proceedings and processes in a digitalized way.

Adapting to the digital transformation has been an important modern-day action for every other business worldwide. Therefore, digital marketing is now considered one of the most essential methods of marketing for an organization’s products and services. Indeed, it is shaping the future of modern businesses in Bangladesh as they have the opportunity to reach the targeted customers not only in the locality but on a global scale.

Change is something that is constant in business, and adapting to it accordingly in order to align the process is the smartest way to sustain in the industry. As of now, digital transformation is the most significant change businesses in Bangladesh are adapting towards, and knowing the ins and outs of what it can gain for the company. Building strategies according to that is the nature of surviving and staying ahead of the curve. It also enables to be the change and make a statement of innovation.

Thriving Towards Digital Marketing

If we look back and analyze what digital marketing meant back in the days, we could only find traces of simple concepts including fundamentals of online content and SEO, which were not merely as sophisticated as for the techniques and methods that are present now. Therefore, it is a trending aspect and getting utterly popular, and with its popularity, upgrades in techniques and strategies are taking their toll.

85.4 percent of internet users search for information online at least once per month.

Marketing Evolution

According to the statistics, the connectivity over the internet consists of a massive number of people worldwide and they are more likely to get information over the internet much faster and in a convenient way. Therefore, the organizations should be focused on planning out a unique digital marketing strategy, so that their targeted audience gets relevant searches about their products and services in this competitive market. Hence, it is resulted to gain a major boost to the business’s presence in the market.

All the perfect schemes and planning’s are required to strategize an ultimate digital marketing play to keep up with the modern trend and be ahead of your competitors. For example, Bangladeshi businesses are switching towards digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many to run their advertisement campaigns rather than opting for the option to advertise on TV commercials, as per the traditional method. This allows the businesses to reach the vast majority of the audience instantly. More traditional methods of marketing, such as printing brochures and media, have been replaced with blogs and great content marketing strategies. With these changes, organizations are getting keen on creating mobile applications and websites for their business process that lets them jump on the digital platform for the audience to find them more easily and make a stronger communication ground.

The Aftermath of Digital Marketing in the Industry

It is not an unknown fact that we are being driven by technology in the current situation of society. Everyone is connected through social media platforms and has the access to information from around the globe. Businesses are adapting to learn newer trends in digital marketing and implementing them in their operations to switch from the traditional marketing methods. Therefore, there are a collective number of advantages and there is no going back from it now since it has become the new norm. Moreover, Digital marketing also has put a significant change and gained importance in the marketing strategies of companies both globally and locally during the pandemic.

Instant Communication and Better Customer Service

86 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

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As the statistic suggests, customer satisfaction has become very relevant to businesses to flourish in the market and thus the implementation of instant and better communication is mandatory. According to surveys, it has been concluded that people spend more time on instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger and many more, instead of other social media apps. The companies of Bangladesh are adopting instant messaging to communicate with their audience and cater to their needs accordingly with either AI bots or personalized messaging.

Social Media, the Frontline of Digital Marketing

55% of buyers do research via social media.


According to McKinsey and Company, there are 1.5 billion social media users across the globe, stating that, the users are more inclined towards doing research on social media before buying a product. Social media marketing has become the foremost used tool for businesses for initiating digital marketing strategies because the majority of the population around the globe is on social media platforms. Implementation of services such as PPC advertising, SEO, creative design, photography and videography, and many more are getting incorporated into the marketing campaigns of organizations in Bangladesh as these services accommodate the needs and connect to potential clients and customers. Therefore, companies need to evolve with the current trends of the society and cater to customers’ digital marketing services and needs, which ultimately results in success.

Revolving Around Innovation

Innovation is the key to driving success in digital marketing campaigns in this modern-day. Therefore, the businesses accelerate their competitive spirit towards coming up with unique yet convenient ways to communicate and engage with the audience, this is the ultimate boost that can differentiate your organization from others.

38 percent of consumers state that they are more loyal now than they were two years ago and 57 percent say they would switch to a competitor if they provided a better experience.


The nature of users’ preferences changes with the innovative approach by the organizations in the market, as per the statistic. In essence, their loyalty would rely on businesses that can innovate themselves with the user’s fondness and satisfaction. In addition, innovative marketing strategy deals with significant changes in the product design and promotion which is more appealing to the audience and as well as the product pricing according to that.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a growing marketing campaign in recent times and it is one of the most fascinating marketing strategies to reach out audience through influencers of social media platforms. Moreover, 79% of marketers consider Instagram as an integral part of marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is curated by users of these social media platforms with a handful of followers, and the inspiration of endorsing the right product elevates their collaboration with companies.

93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns, and it is now considered as a key advertising strategy.

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The statistic speaks about the solid trust marketers put upon influencer marketing campaigns, as it reflects directly on the ROI on a positive curve. Therefore, the influencers campaigning the products of the companies generate an audience according to their preferences, mostly young users, as TVCs have become somewhat obsolete, and social media campaigns are more likely to grasp their attention and puts an effect on marketing.

Data-Driven Marketing

Technology has reached a peak where the companies can understand and know the preference of the audience through analysis of collected data. Therefore, it is important for organizations to know when and how to implement the data in their marketing campaigns.

Two out of three marketers state data-based decisions to be more effective than gut instincts.

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It is analyzed that the data collected marketing campaigns have the leading results, rather than just making a campaign without any thorough knowledge about the customers and potential audience. The knowledge of being aware of how to collect the right data and use it in the strategies makes the difference, therefore training the employees to collect the perfected data with justification is the key to running a successful campaign. 

For such planning, businesses must hire people who are experts on analytical assessments of these data. Accordingly, they must acquire the skills to analyze which social media platform is applicable to attract the consumers with the retrieved and analyzed data.

Nowadays, information is reaching out to the audience in an orchestrated way and this method is being adopted by businesses across Bangladesh. Hence, creating personalized and customer-focused marketing content is essential for running the campaign successfully.

Investment in Native Advertising

Native advertising is another consumer-focused method to attract their attention to convey a message without directly selling your product or services on digital platforms. The effectiveness of native advertising is higher than other methods of advertising, since it entertains the audience with a greater quality of content, videography and photography, and a remarkable story to tell. 

Native ads are 62% easier to understand than display ads, and 31% easier to understand than social ads.


Native ads are resulted to grasp the attention of the audience quicker than product and service-focused ads, according to the statistic. Hence, businesses must drive their resources to make native advertising for the indirect promotion of their organization. In addition, it will bring emphasis on the digital marketing of the organization and set an example in the community by conveying a positive message.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is definitely shaping the future of modern businesses in Bangladesh since it has enlightened and brought upon innovative approaches and methods to reach a vast audience in an instant with the right type of marketing campaign. Therefore, to avail of the digital marketing services in Bangladesh, your organization needs to collaborate with an experienced firm to exploit the full potential of the digital techniques that are needed to flourish your business for the future and make it remarkably presentable to your consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

Promoting your organization’s products and services on an online platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more is known as digital marketing.

How do I start a career in Digital Marketing?

Joining an institute to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing from professionals and experts can be effective for skill development. Besides, online tutorials for self-improvement and gaining awareness of digital marketing trends can be helpful as well.

What are the most effective tools for Digital Marketing?

Content creation, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, communication, and management are the most effective tools for Digital Marketing.

How is Digital Marketing important for a business?

It enables easier communication with the customers and enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In addition, it also increases the awareness of your products and services in the market.

What are some of the data-driven skills marketers should be aware of?

Customer segmentation, customer journey, A/B testing, attribution, and conversion funnels are the most important skills and knowledge a data-driven marketer should acquire and be aware of.